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Now Call Unlimited with Wifi Calling Feature

Now in competition to gain more & more subscribers, consumers are going to have more & more benefits in that ! Jio & Airtel has launched Wifi Calling feature, which is hilarious for people who want to call while travelling or when you are facing network issues surrounding. To use wifi calling you just need wifi calling feature enabled in your phone & your phone must be connected to someone’s wifi.

May 28, 2020

Vivo S1 Pro is Going to Blast with 48MP AI Quad Camera First Smartphone to launch in 2020

Vivo is back in 2020 & new smartphone launches begins with Vivo’s next phone and Vivo S1 successor Vivo S1 pro. Excellent built with reach design this phone looks very premium in hand. Major plus point of this phone is that it’s available at just Rs. 19,990/- ! isn’t it great ?

May 28, 2020

MGID Review in 2020 for Publisher as Google Adsense Alternative Earning Source

MGID comes with Native Advertising which is much more helpful make revenue for any website. Native Ads are basically preferred by those Advertisers who want to promote their content or who are looking for affiliate sales & promoting their content to sell their products. Here we are going to discuss step by step each & every detail of MGID Ad Network, let’s find out if this ad network is worth for your website or note ?

May 28, 2020

Bidvertiser Review for Publisher as Google Adsense Alternative Earning Source

Bidvertiser is one of biggest alternatives as Google Adsense, You can sign up with your website & that’s it. Now you are publisher of Bidvertiser. Let’s check out each & every layer of Bidvertiser and decide if this ad network is suitable for your website or not ?

May 28, 2020

Best Google Adsense Alternatives in 2020

We all publishers feels great when we get our Adsense Account Approved ! But we never know, one of our minor mistakes can make it banned. So what should we do at that moment ? How can we survive ? It has a simple answer, you need to find Best Google Adsense Alternative which is suitable for your website or blog.

May 28, 2020