4 Best Command line tools for Windows 10

Windows 10 has great interface, classic multiscreen features, very active windows defender. But one thing which is still required by many advance user is best COMMAND LINE TOOL. We know, we can write CMD in Run & we get Command Prompt in front of our screen. But what to if we want to perform multiple tasks with Command Prompt ?

So here every developer or user needs tool which provide multiple tabs based or multiple command line screens in single software or application with advanced features.

And.. that’s reason we to we are going to unfold 4 best command line tools for which has Advance Features to perform more activities at same time. So.. Let’s start guys.

1. Console 2

Console2 is a very simple and lightweight Command Prompt’s alternative tool for Windows 10 users. This tool has been one of the best Command Prompt alternatives for many years. It hasn’t received any updates in previous time but it’s still an outstanding tool for all users.

Check Out the features

  • Tabbed Interface, which allows users to run different command lines
  • You can differentiate your tabs by assigning names of tabs
  • It allows us to set transparency of our tabs
  • Set Image as background
  • Multicolor Tabs
  • Set your own shortcuts & hotkeys
  • And Many more

Download Here

2. Power CMD

PowerCmd is a powerful Command Prompt alternative, but unlike other tools PowerCmd isn’t available for free. however, you can try it free of charge..!

Check Out the features

  • It allows you to organize command line screens by placing them side by side. You can view multiple screen at same time, up to 4 screens. you can still open more tabs if you need to.
  • You can simply right click any folder, choose PowerCmd option. By this way you’ll open a new command line window by using that folder as a currently opened directory on screen.
  • It supports Windows style text editing
  • It allows select, cut, copy and paste into command line similarly to any text document
  • If you are heavily using command line, you will be happy to know that PowerCmd allows you to automatically save console output log. So you can examine it at any time, even if your PC or application crashes!
  • And many more customization features

Download Here

3. ColorConsole

ColorConsole is a small and simple command line tool and it also lacks some advanced features but it fully supports tabbed interface.

Basic Features of this tool:

  • Tabbed Interface, which allows users to run different command lines
  • It allows select, cut, copy and paste into command line similarly to any text document
Download Link:

Download Here

4. Terminal Wings

Terminal Wings has minimum features but just like all the tools on this list, it supports tabbed interface. This application is simple to use and it allows you to easily select, copy and paste any input from the command line window

Terminal Wings also allows you to set different profiles. You can make each profile to be customized with different colors, transparency, default directory or commands, which will get executed when you open that profile!

Download Link

Download Here

Hope you find this article to choose best Command Line tool as per your suitable choice. We will come with more knowledgeable articles soon. Till then goodbye and take care guys.

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Posted On : 04 Sep 2018

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