And This is How You Can Print and Save a Directory Listing to a File in Windows

Now you don't need any third party tool, because you can much easily generate directory listing of your files Á folders by single clicks. You might be thinking why we should need list of our files Á folders?

probably not something you’ll need to do often, but it can occasionally be useful..

It's much simple then you think to do.

By using command-prompt you can easily do it. So let's start it guys...

Follow below mentioned simple steps Á you can take list of your files Á folders mentioned on particular drive

Step 1 - Go To Start Menu

Step 2 - Type CMD, to open command prompt

Step 3 - In Command prompt simply go to directory from which you need to take list of your files and folders

Step 4 - For Example you need to take list of files Á fodlers from D Drive. For that type D: in command prompt

Step 5 - Then type dir > [File Name].txt , in which you want to save list of your files Á folders

Step 6 - For example, you want to save list of your files Á folders in d-drive.txt, So for that Simply type DIR > d-drive.txt

Step 7 - Then after go to D drive Á you will find list d-drive.txt file in that. Which has all detailed list of files Á folders of your list.

So this is simple trick to track your files Á folders list Á compare it randomly or regularly after few days.

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Posted On : 01 Jan 2020

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