Best Google Adsense Alternatives in 2020


We all publishers feels great when we get our Adsense Account Approved ! But we never know, one of our minor mistakes can make it banned. So what should we do at that moment ? How can we survive ? It has a simple answer, you need to find Best Google Adsense Alternative which is suitable for your website or blog.

So let’s begin & explore Best Google Adsense Alternatives.

1. Bidvertiser

Like Google Adsense Bidvertiser is also both CPC (Cost Per Click) & CPM Ad Network. Even you can maximise your earnings by incentives if that click converted into leads or sales.

Ads Quality

Bidvertiser comes with Display Banners, Pop Unders, Sliders, Smartlinks, XML, and all of these formats are suitable for all kind of devices & traffic. So you no need to worry about device to device Ads Display Issues or User’s Experience, because they serve ads programmatically.

Monetization At All Platforms

With Bidvertiser you can monetize all your platforms including Websites, Toolbars, Extensions, Mobile Apps, Search and Domains. You can monetize each platform with safe, quality & secure ads which comes with good eCPM rates.


We know that, how much more difficult to get approved by Google Adsense, but with Bidvertiser you don’t need to get worried. You will be able to promote their ads on your websites, toolbars, mobile apps, etc. as soon as sign up and create your account. You don’t need to wait for any approval. Isn’t it great ?


Not only ads but you can monetize your traffic by Bidvertiser’s Smart Link feature. You just need to send your traffic to that URL Address and that’s ! for each click your earning will be calculated on CPC model.

Minimum Payout

We have discussed many excellent features of Bidvertiser Ad Network and another awesome feature of this Ad Network is its minimum payout criteria which just $10 ! If you have small website with average traffic, you can still generat handsome earning with Bidvertiser and get paid by Paypal, Bitcoin, Wire Transfer and Cheque.

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2. Propeller Ads

At second place we have included Propeller Ads which also comes with both CPC & CPM revenue model for publishers. With Propeller Ads not only publishers but also all type of Marketers including SEO Masters, Domainers, Ad Networks, Brokers, Social Media Marketers, Plugins or Extensions owners can generate handsome revenue.

Ads Quality

Propeller Ads contains almost all type of Ad Formats which are trending in current days. It contains Push Notification Ads, Onclick Ads (Pop Under), Widgets Ads, Interstitial Ads and Smart Links. Their Ads are skippable and quality of ads are decent and clean. So it may not harm you users experience.

90% to 100% Traffic Monetization

They have 1,50,000+ publishers and variety of Advertisers who are targeting people from all most each country and each niche. So there is a strong possibility your 100% traffic can get monetized.


Many Google Adsense Alternatives get surrendered against AdBlock Softwares or Applications. But technology which Propeller Ads comes with is super awesome. Their Ads bypass the AdBlock softwares which increase you revenue upto 20 to 30%.


Hurray ! again there is no approval process in Propeller Ads like Bidvertiser. You just need to sign up with Bidvertiser and put their ads on your platforms & very next moment you will start earning real money.

Minimum Payout

Conditions which Propeller Ads are offering is really amazing. There minimum payout is just $5 and you can withdraw your earnings by each week (every Thursday) by Paypal, Payoneer, Skrill, Webmoney, Wire Transfer.

3. Adtol

Next we have included Adtol Ad Network which has PPC based revenue model for publishers. It provides state-of-the-art-driven ads solution & with their regularly updated algorithm it becomes much easier to increase CTR for your website.

Ads Quality

Adtol comes with Banner Ads, Text Ads and Popup Ads. You can select your own required ad format for your website and they will take care further to deliver best ads which matches your content and your website design. Their advance algorithm can boost your CTR.

100% Ads Fill Rate

Adtol has thousands of Advertisers in their bucket including so many different industries. So it doesn’t matter what kind of niche your websites have ! You will get ads on your website with 100% fill rate.


If you stuck anywhere in your admin panel or you have any issues related to payment, ads fill rate, cpc, cpm - you can get immediate support by Email, Chat & Skype. Their support system are 24 x 7 available to serve you.


Like Bidvertiser & Propeller Ads, here you will not get direct approval after signing up. Adtol’s team analyze your website with all of their required parameters and then only you will be able to attach their ads on your websites. Your website must have at least 200 unique visitors per day.

So yes, here you have to wait for their approval before you start earning !

Minimum Payout

Their minimum payout isn’t much lower or much higher. The minimum payout of Adtol is $100 which is similar to Google Adsense.

You may have thought, if Adtol is Google Adsense Alternative then payout shouldn't be $100 ! You are right, it shouldn’t be like this. But we must accept the truth that current scenario with Adtol you can only get withdrawal, once you reach a threshold limit of $100. You can withdraw your earnings via Paypal, Payu, Payoneer, Bitcoin and Bank.


MGID comes with Native Ad Solution for publishers. It has both CPC & CPM based model. MGID is one of the oldest traffic exchange ad network in this industry since 2004. So you can imagine how much trustworthy MGID is.

Ads Quality

MGID has widget based ad formats. You can define ad rows and columns and create ad widgets for your website. They also have interstitial or popup ads for mobile devices. Their ads quality is relevant to your website content and they also take care about your users experience and provide clean ads.

100% Ads Fill Rate

MGID has thousands of Advertisers who are bidding from various industries. So if you have any kind of niche, ads will be served to your website.


Like other ad network if you stuck anywhere with MGID you can get help via mail. You can also get request call from their website. On MGID website you will find Request Call Back option.


There is no such clear criteria to get approved with MGID. If your website has an average traffic from tier 1 & 2 country, you can apply as Publisher for MGID. If their team finds your website suitable & profitable for Advertiser, your website will easily get approved.

Minimum Payout

MGID has also $100 minimum payout which you can withdraw by Paypal and Bank Transfer.

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Hope you have got better clarity on Google Adsense Alternative & you will find best suitable Ad Network according to your website’s Traffic and Content.

Posted On : 03 Jan 2020

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