Bidvertiser Review for Publisher as Google Adsense Alternative Earning Source


Bidvertiser is one of biggest alternatives as Google Adsense, You can sign up with your website & that’s it. Now you are publisher of Bidvertiser. Let’s check out each & every layer of Bidvertiser and decide if this ad network is suitable for your website or not ?

About Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser is one of the longest and oldest ad networks who provides CPC, CPM & CPA based ads to small to medium size websites or publishers. Bidvertiser founded in 2008 and entered the market as Google Adsense competitor. So you can imagine how much reliable and old this Bidvertiser is !

That's the thing you should consider first when you decide to choose any ad network to boost your website’s revenue. Because if ad network is exist in market from so long, it simply means that they are regularly satisfying both their publishers & advertisers.

Ad Network Type

Bidvertiser has come in market with PPC revenue model as Google Adsense Competitor and now this ad network provides a variety of revenue model with CPC (Cost Per Click), CPM (Cost Per Mile) & CPA (Cost Per Action) kind of ads.

Current Active Advertisers & Publishers

If ad network has a very small amount of Advertiser & larger amount of publishers, it clearly means that there will be much difficulty for publishers to achieve 100% fill rate as well as good amount of revenue.

But with Bidvertsier you don’t need to be worried about it ! as we have said Bidvertiser is from a long time in this market & they have thousands of Advertisers which are from different-different industries. So it doesn’t matter on what kind of niche your website is, you will be served with your content related ads.

Impressions, Clicks, Ads Fill Rate

As we said Bidvertiser has a large amount of Advertisers, whom they are satisfying from so long. So larger the Advertiser means larger the Ads Volumes. That’s the reason Bidvertser is serving billions of impressions & thousands of clicks each month to their publishers & advertisers.

And if your website is still small or medium sized you can easily get 100% ads fill rate.

Admin Panel & Implementation

Bidvertiser has very detailed & scaled leveled admin panel. From which you can implement different types of Ad Units, Ad Codes, Track Impressions, Clicks, Earnings and many more things. With their admin panel you can track your live and daily revenue and make changes in ads placement on your website.

Adblock Bypass

There are many extensions and browsers now days comes with Ad Blocking feature. Which definitely affect your revenue. There are many ad networks are in market who comes with Adblock Bypass technology. But sadly Bidvertiser is not providing this feature. So if your viewers are using Adblock extensions or something, you may lose your earning.

Ad Formats

Bidvertiser is providing Display Banner, Pop Unders, Sliders, Smartlinks, XML and other programmatic ads. Their Ad formats are designed to fit any kind of traffic or website’s design. You may be user friendly with Display Banners, Pop Unders but with Bidvertiser you will find something new in Sliders & Smatlinks ads.

With Slider Ads multiple Ads Images will be slide in ads, and with Smartlinks Ads you just need to send some traffic to Advertiser’s page via link on your website. You will be paid for each click.

Ads Quality

Bidvertiser is itself is trusted and oldest brand in Ad network industry. Even their clients are also respected brands. So you no need to worry about Quality of Ads or User Experience. Your website will be served with reach & quality ads.

Ads Relevancy

As they have many respected brands as Advertisers from different industries, so whatever niche your website has, you will be served with ads.

Their Programmatic and Robust ad optimization technology, which is powered by AI, will provide you relevant ads. Which will maximize your revenues for both mobile and desktop.

Average Earnings

Bidvertiser comes with CPM, CPC, CPA revenue model. Which means you have a great opportunity to take benefit of variety of Ad Units. You can’t imagine that you will earn as well as you are earning with Google Adsense but it may be half of that or near by that in some of the case.

If you are having good amount of traffic from Tier 1 Countries like US, UK, Canada, etc. you may easily earn $1 to $3 for 1000 Page Views or Impressions. But if your traffic is from Tier 2 & 3 Countries like Asian Countries - India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, etc. you may get $0.50 to $1 for 1000 Page Views or Impressions.


Like Google Adsense you don’t need to wait for days or months for approval. If you are having small or medium amount of traffic on your website or blog you can start earning from very next moment after signing up with Bidvertiser.

There is no such a Country or Language Restriction or No Minimum Traffic is required.

It’s really amazing that you don’t need to wait for any kind of approval. What you need is one genuine website.

Please go through Bidvertiser Publisher Guidelines

Minimum Payout and Payment Terms

Bidvertiser is providing very much low amount of Payout Rate which is just $10 ! it’s really amazing, isn’t it ?

That’s not all, you can easily withdraw your earnings every month. They paid NET 30 days once you reach threshold limit via Paypal, Bitcoin, Payoneer, Bank Transfer or Wire Transfer. Since 2008 Bidvertiser is paying their Publishers in time, so you don’t need to get worried about it.


Whether you have trouble on your Payment, CPC, CTR, Ads Fill Rate or anything you can submit request to their team from below mentioned link. You also going to have many FAQs & Articles on this page, which may be helpful to you.

Submit Request Link for Bidvertiser Publishers

Can we run Bidvertiser Ads with Google Adsense ?

Yes, of course Bidvertiser is providing reach and clean ads of good and well known brands. Google Adsense has strong content and ads policy for their publishers. So if you are running other Ad Networks ads with Google Adsense, it should not overwriter or affect Google Ads or there should not be any nudity or policy violations !


  • 1. It’s oldest and trusted Google Adsense Alternative.
  • 2. No need to wait for any approval to start earning.
  • 3. Lower Minimum Payout Rate ($10).
  • 4. Multiple Payment Methods - Paypal, Payoneer, Bank Transfer, Wire Transfer, Bitcoin.
  • 5. Smartlinks Ad format.
  • 6. CPC, CPM & CPA all type of revenue model.
  • 7. Premium & Clean Ads.
  • 8. Adsense Compatibility.


  • 1. Lower CPM rates for Indian & Asian Countries Traffic.
  • 2. Low quality sites may get lower quality ads.
  • 3. CPC & CPM may get fluctuate daily.
  • 4. Lower CPC then Adsense


Overall if you are not getting approved by Google Adsense or Your account get banned by Google Bidvertiser will be a good option for you to generate average revenue from your traffic.

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Posted On : 04 Jan 2020

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