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Hey Now it's so easy to post on social media or draft mail simply, without any grammatical error. This Android app will make your work so much easy. Check this out - The Grammarly Keyboard encourages you compose botch free and easily in any application you use on your cell phone. It gives many checks and highlights, alongside consistent combination. Regardless of whether you're sending a critical email, imperative LinkedIn message, or basic Facebook post, you can compose from your telephone with certainty. Writing with Grammar Perfection – Great Grammmar checker – Contextual spelling checker – Advanced accentuation rectification – Vocabulary improvements Fantastic thing about this tool is that it works everywhere & it's so much easy to setup. Use this app to improve your grammar skills & avoid similar mistakes in future. check the app, link is given below - Link for Grammarly App

Posted On : 18 Jan 2018

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