Good News for Gaming Lovers New ASUS ROG phone to get launched soon

As indicated by the most recent reports, the outstanding Taiwanese multinational PC and telephone equipment and hardware organization just propelled its first gaming cell phone, Asus ROG Phone basically to beat Razer's gaming cell phone. Gaming Phones, These all started with the Razer Phone; since then we had the Xiaomi Black Shark, Nubia Red Magic and now we have Asus ROG Phone. ASUS Rog defines a perfect smartphone for gamers. In the Asus ROG Phone, we have here a super flashly design, a lots of accessories, and the quickest portable processor that Qualcomm has ever discharged. Display : AMOLED 6-inch screen has Full-HD resolution, 18:9 ratio, and 90 Hz refresh rate for greater fluidity. *Also HDR support, and the image processing chip increases local contrast.. Amazing thing about it is that, display can detect ringing even if you have weared wearing gloves!, 2 buttons on the bottom edge with the device in horizontal mode, and one on the upper right corner. You can alsoconfigure them to run macros within games, or open certain apps! Wow... Proccessor: device a contains custom version of Snapdragon 845, that runs at up to 2.96 GHz or 200 MHz more than the standard model. OverHeating Prevention: To prevent overheating, Asus has made a copper diffuser and a 3D steam chamber that transfer heat from the CPU to device's body. ROG also comes with an accessory, which is called AeroActive Cooler. Basically it's a fan that fits in the back “to quicken warm dissemination”. There are also other accessories we would have with a ROG phone like, a gamepad, called Gamevice, that places physical buttons on each side of the screen. We can use it, by playing games on our smartphone or broadcasting the images to our large TV! Another accessory, coming with ROG is the Mobile Desktop Dock, Which let's connect our smartphone to a monitor, keyboard, mouse, 5.1 speakers and Gigabit Ethernet connection.. Other Specifications of the ROG Phone: we have here 8 GB of RAM LPDDR4X, 128 GB/512 GB of internal storage, 4000mAh battery with support for Asus HyperCharge, 2 USB Type-C ports One is on the left side, next to a proprietary Asus accessory port, and has USB 3.1 and 15W support. Second is at the bottom supports USB 2.0 and 20W charging. In addition, there is a 3.5 mm jack for headphones. Front camera is 8 megapixels. On the back are the dual 12MP + 8MP camera, The logo that shines with LED lights. You can also choose the colour and effect. Asus soon to launch this ROG Phone in third quarter of current year. But suspense it still making gaming lovers excited about this phone! How much you are waiting for this phone? Do like it? Share your views in our FB or Twitter comment section.

Posted On : 11 Jun 2018

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