How 5G Technlogy is going to change the world

What Is 5G Technology ?

5G Technology is thing which is 100 times faster than 4G Technology. And whether you believe it or, not 5G is future & it's going to change the world. As we know, 4G technology has already implemented in our country & soon we are going to get 5G technology in upcoming years.

Government is planning a lot & doing lots of investment in 5G technology. So definition of 5G technology as simple as that, it's 100 times faster than 4G, you can connect more devices & more users can be handled by 5G

How 5G Technology Works ?

Latency of 5G technology is very much low & Response rate is much higher than 4G technology. Which will increase speed so drastically. It has huge distance range, less devices & more connection we can expect.

What changes possible with 5G technology ?

5G technology will bring lots of change in our day to day life. But one of the greatest from 5G technology is that we can expect "Self Driven Cars" !

Yes it will be possible with 5G technology. Currently so much things are going on for self driven cars experiments, but it requires more speed which could not get fulfilled by 4G

Event doctors can transplant organs in body, which also has cheap in itself. That chip will give each & even track of that organ so immediate action could be possible take. One of the greatest advantage of 5G…

Smart Cities will get possible with 5G technology

We can view high resolution videos & also broadcast HD vidoes too...!

No more lack on FB Live or Whats App Live or any other social media. But speed also depend on that platform's server also

and Finally all technologies on same platform! Because 5G is 100 times faster than 4G

Disadvantages of 5G

Each technology has its pros & cons. And 5G technology has itself also some cons.. Let's look at that

One of the biggest disadvantage of 5G is it will take so much time to implement. Because right now whatever devices we have, those are not compatible with 5G technology. So not everyone has 5G devices right now, it will take years to get implement

We can't imagine 5G price as lower as we are getting 4G now. Because so huge investment is first requirement to accelerate 5G technology

and last but not the least, in the its starting period we can face some security issues in 5G technology

Final Conclusion!

So overall 5G technology is revolutionary, No doubt in that. And we will how it will change TECHNO WORLD!

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Posted On : 12 Jun 2018

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