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Extensions are the things, which give browsers additional capabilities & by the use of Extensions, browser can perform many tasks which make your work simpler. They are small additional tools that simply help users. However, now according to the reports, recently, very well-known extension found stealing users’ data secretly and sending it to there parent server! And making profit. These tools are not always controlled by browser stores & this is the reason, they can play with users data. Recently this is happening now in Chrome and Firefox, with a well-known extension named- “Stylish”. Stylish is sending browsing data to its parent house, the SimilarWeb ! This extension is available for both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers and allows users to customize the pages they visit. This extension is giving them a unique image by changing the many elements of pages. Now many security researcher have discovered this behavior in detailed and they reported that, too much data is being sent anonymously! And actual problem is that this information also follows a unique data of each user, which allows tracing the data collected for each of the users! which is also violates their privacy. Both Chrome and Firefox versions have been removed from their stores, but it is now necessary for all users to remove Stylish from their browsers!

Posted On : 12 Jul 2018

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