get ready for new FireFox Mozilla in ANDROID

As We all know that very well, after Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox is the browser which is most favorite for all genration Android users. It has many essential features which follows the developments of the desktop version on its own line and has its own new features. And here is amazing update about Mozilla Firefox Lovers that - now according to the reports, Mozilla is soon going to launch a brand new web browser for Android. As per reports developments for this new Browser were being made at a right pace, but now they seem to have stopped. & Now Mozilla wants let Firefox to get stop and create a new browser for Android. It is still too early to say anything about what would be new features of Mozilla’s new Browser & what would be it’s name ! But it’s sure that Mozilla is preparing for Android. And plan something excellent again for all Android Mozilla Lovers!

Posted On : 12 Jul 2018

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